Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Piper Is Calling You To Join Him

Your foot pushes the pavement away
The laws of physics you obey
Remember the house on Chocolate Street
You glide along, steadying with your feet
Miss Adams chases you with the meter stick
The board glides along the ramp, ready for a trick
The fire escape and your Metallica shirt
The time you threw our bikes in the dirt
Your hair, gold and tawny, sails behind you
Do you remember our sixth grade science class- - I do
Your knees bend- up the ramp you go
It seems like yesterday I really miss you so 
Airborne you fly
You are silhouetted in the sky
The poem you wrote about the sugar bowl and dad
The Zeppelin poster that made the sister mad
The wheels hit - - repeating again
Some of the games you played - - it was a sin
You build up speed You want to be freed
The wheels approach the edge of the nether
You strangle your arm time and again with a tether Your mother gone - - raised by a man To the edge of the earth you fly - - you can
Your veins are bursting, screaming
Today, yes, I find myself today still dreaming
Your poem comes true
As the wheels touch the blue
Razor steel punctures drawing life
You pierce the clouds - - your soul like a knife
Why as you fall to the ground
Why as your board falls - - to you once bound
The piper's calling you to join him
Just like in the song you sang to me, Jim
Does the stairway still lie in the whispering wind?

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