Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Beerlight To Guide Us

“Quick, quick, quick, get in before the door closes!” Sophie pushes Caleb towards the closing subway doors. Sophie’s evergreen tunic is temporarily caught in the door.

“We made it!” she sighs in relief as she tugs her green shirt out of the door. Caleb has already made his way to a middle seat and pats on the one next to him for her to sit. She quickly joins him, cuddling next to him, her leg draped over his linking the two. The train is empty except for a disheveled homeless man drinking a bottle of beer and hipster bopping along with their headphones. The train makes its way of the dark subterranean and rises above the brownstones and restaurants into the murky yet still glowing summer at sunset.

Sophie runs her hands through her auburn, sweaty hair. “Wow, its hot tonight.”

Caleb narrows his blue eyes at her. “It’s hot because we were running.”

“Caleb, I…”Sophie is quickly shushed by Caleb.

He sighs and places his hands on her leg. “Sophie, you have to clue me in on things. I’m
new at this. Why were they chasing us?” His voice rises in frustration. Sophie motions for Caleb to lower his voice.

“Caleb, that’s why.” She swings her other leg onto his and turns so she is perpendicular to Caleb. She sooths him by running her hand along his stubbled face. “You need to work on your delivery. We need to blend in before we try to help anyone.”

Caleb takes Sophie’s soft hands his large rough hands. His azure eyes meet her jade eyes, the iridescent subway lighting making them seem exactly as otherworldly as they are. “I never realized how much more alive people are at night. Not just alive but those that hurt, hurt even more. Why can’t we just tell them who we are?” He squeezes her hands as the train doors open at the next stop.

“You can’t scare them. Just like when I met you and Sam, I didn’t tell you what I do. And you can’t just start giving random and life changing advice,” her tone rises as the train abruptly stops and the lights go dim, “and you bloody cannot be telling them you’re an angel!” Sophie is breathless. Her eyes dart around as she realizes that not only has the train stopped but that it is dark. Incredibly dark.

“Looks like a blackout.” Caleb says as he gently moves Sophie’s still frozen legs off his. He stands and walks to the center of the train. “Half the train is on the platform so we can still get off the train.” He turns to her.

Sophie stands and joins Caleb. She mingles her fingers with his, their distance lessens, and then soon both of their hands are joined. In the darkness, his lips pass gently over her forehead, their lips briefly touch.

The conductor pulls open the door and shines his flashlight into the dark car. “Folks, let’s move to the front of the train. This train is out of service.” He continues past them and open the door to tell the next car the same.

“Sophie, here.” The homeless man stands feet from the couple, holding a bottle of beer towards them. “Always nice seeing you, love.” He turns and walks towards the front of the car, a glow emanating from him.

“Friend of yours?” asks Caleb as he holds the bottle of beer curiously.

“We use it!” She shakes her head as of the answer was obvious and pulls a lighter from her back pocket. “A beer light.”

“I might be an angel but I didn’t just fall from the sky.” He makes a motion to open the bottle.
Sophie grabs the bottle from him and shines the lighter behind it. A soft, amber glow lights the area surrounding them. “A beer light.”

“To guide us.” Caleb’s smiles shines in the light but quickly turns to concern. The door to the adjoining car opens. Again, they come face to face with the couple they had been running from. Caleb puts his back to them, the light still a beacon.

“Oh look who it is!” The tallest of the three begins to move forward but sees the glow around Caleb and Sophie. The shortest one drops his 40 of beer, the middle one crosses himself, the tall one drops the cigarette that was dangling in his lips.

Sophie grins at Caleb as they all pass without direct eye contact. “And a beer light to save us.” The lighter dims and the train goes dark again. “Where were we?”