Monday, September 25, 2017

Annual October Reading of Master and Margarita

In five days, we will embark upon reading The Master and Margarita (one of my favorite books). Many are easily turned off by it's - at times - confusing stories. But when you look at when it was written and think about some of its themes and symbolism, the story begins to have much more meaning then just talking cats playing chess and naked witches flying around on pigs. 

In the next few days, I will get out a suggested breakdown for reading. There are 32 chapters broken into two parts of the book. I would suggest the first four chapters for the first discussion. I will post some discussion topics around October 6th or 7th. We will take it from there. Thoughts? Suggestions?? Which translation does anyone recommend? I use the unabridged translation by Michael Glenny.

To make commentary a bit easier, I'm going to try my writing FB page for this again. Here is the link -

Thanks!! Do svidaniya!