Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thank You

It fascinates me to go back to my old writings. This was written in 2001, pre-9/11. The world seemed so simple back then.

Bono the singer of U2
George Harrison and his Old Brown Shoe
David the psalm-writer and king
Gordon Sumner only known as Sting
Oscar Wilde creator of Dorian Gray
Blues legend Stevie Ray
Jeff Buckley and his sweetheart the drunk
Johnny Rotten and Iggy pop godfathers of punk
John Lennon – don’t forget McCartney
Keats, la belle dame sans merci
T-rex and Marc Bolan
Poe, that is, Edgar Allan
Isherwood's Streets of  pre-war Berlin
David Bowie, Starman and the White Duke so Thin
Edward Burns  and the Brothers McMullen
James Joyce and the people of Dublin
The martyr the lark Bobby Sands MP
Management of Grief Bharti Mukherjie
Nelson Mandela and South Africa
The cellist on the streets of Bosnia-Herzegovina
What we talk about when we talk about Raymond Carver
Existentialist Albert Camus the stranger
Georgie Best gone astray
Lemieux and his will to play
Moon shadow Cat Stevens
Stephen King’s Different Seasons
Strange Meeting Wilfred Owen dulce et decorum est
Frank O’Connor’s Nation’s Guest
White rose of Germany Sophie Scholl
Robert Downey Jr needs help not parole
Wim Wenders stay (faraway, so close) to me
Ned Kelly outlaw Aussie
Le roi d’amour Gavin Friday
Dave Matthews what would you say
Cicely’s Chris Steven’s and his record stacks
Monty Python’s lumberjacks
Jim Morrison oh don’t ask why
Mr. Rogers who taught me not to lie
Midnight Oil’s Beds are Burning
Joyce Carol Oates Where Are You Going
Frank Sinatra it was a very good year
Rice’s vampires give me no fear
Stephen the crazy Irishman
Steve Biko and Victor Jara not forgotten
Jimmy and the Metallica shirt
Robert Plant what oh a flirt
Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita
Ken Wark’s book on telesthesia
Calvin and Hobbes political and cartoon
REM’s Man on the Moon
Yeat’s LakeIsleof Innisfree
A sugery hot cup of Lady Grey Tea
Flacco’s burnt offerings
Sandman’s Plesant Ave. meanderings
Frank McCourt and the River Shannon
Mick Collins and Kitty Kiernan
Nevil Shute On the Beach
Names are becoming out of reach
My list will grow I’m sure more or less
Excuse me while I get myself another pint of Guinness

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